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Alex Johnson shares his story:

The miracle came in the form of an arrest on 5/10/2014. I spent the night in jail for a DWI and finally reached out for help. I started to form a conception God while working a 12-step program at a Christian treatment center. I remember one night I decided that the bible that I held in my hand was truth. 100% truth. In this moment, I destroyed 6 years of textual criticism lies that I used to rationalize my own behavior. I gave God an ultimatum, even though I still had doubts He existed let alone cared about me. I told God that I was going to accept the bible as truth and give Him a shot at running my life 100% all in. If it didn’t work, then I would finally be able to say I tried everything and then I would put a bullet in my head. Over the next month, I could not stop reading the Word of God. As I would read the Gospels, I laid in bed and felt his love wash over me, when I finally began to realize my identity it Christ as a beloved adopted son I destroyed the lie that I had out sinned grace. Then I began the terrifying process of discovering the truth behind my selfishness and ripping open every single painful wound I had ever experienced. But it was either let the grace of Jesus position my heart to see truth, or relapse and kill myself. Those were my options. I chose the latter and made Jesus Lord of my life. Lord of everything, not just my salvation.
When I finished treatment, I moved to Denton and lived in a sober living home for 7 months. I attended church with pure motives for the first time in my life. I just wanted more Jesus and I needed help figuring it out. I met a man named Bryan Hasley who took me under his wing and is still my mentor to this day. He even rented a room out to me whenever I moved out of sober living. As I continued in my recovery I went to my treatment center once a week and led a meeting for the guys. I also became heavily involved in sponsoring men in the sober house and leading their Recovery through Christ meeting. These acts of service launched my relationship with Jesus to a whole new level. I began to realize how much God can be glorified through my story of redemption. I was always disappointed when my suicide attempts failed, but when I am given the privilege to come along side broken families and individuals and offer hope to them I understand why those attempts failed.

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