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We’ve been turning ordinary men into extraordinary disciple makers for over 17 years. Our community needs more strong godly men like you.


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It’s time to get off the bench and get in the game. Every man needs a wingman. Become a Wingman.

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Life isn’t a spectator sport. You need community with other men pursuing God. Iron sharpening iron.

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It’s your time. Get trained, find your wingmen, and start your own group. You got this and we’ll help you.

Wingmen are men just like you.


Financial Analyst

Wingmen is a place where it is cool to be a Christian man. Everywhere I turn whether it’s on social media, advertising, or just doing life I am told Christians are pacifists, to blame, etc. Wingmen reaffirms the truth that our identity is with Christ, not in the flesh.


Software Sales

Wingmen is a fellowship of men that know how to have fun, challenge each other and support each other as we learn and walk deeper with Christ.


Philanthropy Consultant

A few years ago I started attending the Grapevine Wingmen and I immediately saw that this was something far different than the typical bible studies and annual pancake breakfasts I had attended for “men’s ministry.” What I really needed to see was relational action, intentionality, and purpose. Wingmen has helped me fulfill a need to be part of the bigger picture of men committed to each other in the areas of discipleship, friendship, & leadership.


Founder & CEO of Growe - 3PL

Wingmen is a place for men from all generations to come together and develop masculine Christ-centered relationships, engage in mentorship & discipleship, & challenge one another to chase after Jesus in all aspects of their life. When things go haywire in life & I have big decisions to make, I know that I can call up any one of the men at Wingmen and seek faith-based advice to help pull me through. Wingmen is not a get together of men to have surface level discussions. Wingmen is a place for men to have deep, thought provoking discussions which then results in deep, service-oriented, Christ-centered, friendships.. AKA your Wingmen. Every pilot needs his Wingmen.


Architectural Project Manager

A place to grow, create relationships, and find wisdom from men that challenge each other to be transparent and take one step closer in becoming like Jesus.


Development Expertise

I have watched as men, who had nothing in common but their love for Christ, come together and develop friendships and a support community that will last a lifetime. It’s amazing to see the genuine care, support and encouragement that emanates from the Wingmen community. New guys immediately feel accepted and those who have been involved for a while continually grow in their Christ centered relationships with each other.