Justin was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a two-time National Champion Wrestler Dallas Bishop Lynch High School. His senior year of high school he trained at the Olympic Training Center. He attended Iowa State University and his freshman year he was a medical red shirt because of an elbow injury. This provided him time to try out martial arts. Justin turned down a full scholarship to Iowa State to pursue a professional career in mixed-martial arts. Justin is ranked 4th in the United States for grappling. Justin then went on to be a heavy weight in the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter. December 16, 2011 Justin posted, “Feeling a real burden to start FIGHTING for the forgotten which is the Pygmies of the Congo. Not only are they forced into slavery and CANNIBALIZED … But over 40% of their children NEVER reach age 5 due to poor living conditions. In June 2012, Justin stated officially that he would return back to the Eastern Congo. When Justin arrived the pygmies gave him the name “Efeosa” meaning “The man who loves us.”


Fight For The Forgotten | Justin Wren